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Do you require metal fabrications in Sydney? Toole Stainless Steel is the best source, where you can get your job done right. Our workshop is equipped with the state of the art metal fabrication equipment and sophisticated tools in order to provide prominent metal fabrication needs in Sydney. We have a team of highly trained and well skilled fabricators who continually upgrade themselves in order to improve their services according to the customer needs. We offer our services for residential, commercial and industrial areas. We also specialized in offering commercial kitchen fitouts, welding services, foot rails, steel sales and supply in Sydney.

Toole Stainless Steel mainly gives priority on the quality services and customer satisfaction, this makes them have a reliable service provider. With many years of experience in the industry and outstanding services we regarded as the best metal fabrication firm in Sydney. We frequently update our tools and equipment so that you can access excellent metal fabrications in Sydney. We pay attention to every detail of the work, so this is the reason why you would receive high quality metal fabrication services in Sydney. Before the metal fabrication reaches the customer it is thoroughly monitored by our quality assurance team to ensure it meets the standards or no.

Toole Stainless Steel has trained professionals with many years of experience to offer metal fabrications and they also specialized in outdoor kitchens, metal cutting and folding, and truck body repairs etc. They have good knowledge about complete fabrication equipment to get best outputs and they offer various metal fabrication services at cost effective prices in Sydney.

Metal Fabrication Services Sydney:

Metal Forming:

Metal fabrication is a process of manufacturing metal components by interchanging the raw materials with various tools by bending, cutting and assembling process. Fabrication can be divided into various categories such as:

Conventional Sharing:

This is a metal cutting process usually in straight lines by using some scissors.

  • Bending: During this process the material is bend to its required geometrical form by applying some force with some electrical machines.
  • Conventional Sharing: This is a metal cutting process usually in straight lines by using some scissors.
  • Sawing: Sawing is typically used to shape the raw materials to its accurate shape and sizes.
  • Tapping: Tapping is a process used to produce internal threads in the workpiece.
  • Boring: This process produces circular profiles in the hollow workpiece.
  • Turning: This process helps the workpiece to rotate on its axis in order to get the desired shape.
  • Milling: This removes the minute chips by using the rotating cutter.
  • Grinding: It is a chip removal process and this includes different grinding process such as surface grinding, cylinder grinding, and internal grinding and center-less grinding.

We also offer some advanced methods such as laser cutting, electro discharge machining, wire EDM, water jet cutting.

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